Xarelto skin rash (side effect)

Xarelto (rivoraxaban) has many and heavy side effects. Apart from bleeding that can be lethal, it has sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction side effects which are not mentioned in the product leaflet.

A few weeks into Xarelto a skin rash developed on my forehead which has remained ever since with the actual “relief” changing all the time and becoming more pronounced in different parts of the forehead. For example this is a relatively “light” stage with flaring mostly on the left side (on the image below). This side effect has persisted after over two years of stopping the drug (and the same thing happened with the sexual side effects).

I never had such a skin rash on my forehead or any other place of my body before Xarelto. A dermatologist I consulted had no idea what it was.

Xarelto skin rash
Skin rash developed after taking Xarelto

Rash is listed as one of their side effects, but it has more serious dermatologic side effects such as Stevens–Johnson syndrome which is a severe skin reaction.

Overall list of Xarelto possible side effects [Patient Leaflet]
Common (may affect up to 1 in 10 people)

– reduction in red blood cells which can make the skin pale and cause weakness or breathlessness
– bleeding in the stomach or bowel, urogenital bleeding (including blood in the urine and heavy
menstrual bleeding), nose bleed, bleeding in the gum
– bleeding into the eye (including bleeding from the whites of the eyes)
– bleeding into tissue or a cavity of the body (haematoma, bruising)
– coughing up blood
– bleeding from the skin or under the skin
– bleeding following an operation
– oozing of blood or fluid from surgical wound
– swelling in the limbs
– pain in the limbs
– impaired function of the kidneys (may be seen in tests performed by your doctor)
– fever
– stomach ache, indigestion, feeling or being sick, constipation, diarrhoea
– low blood pressure (symptoms may be feeling dizzy or fainting when standing up)
– decreased general strength and energy (weakness, tiredness), headache, dizziness
– rash, itchy skin
– blood tests may show an increase in some liver enzymes

Κάταγμα = ακινησία = θρόμβωση

Σπύρος ΔόικαςΣτον τίτλο περιγράφεται με τρεις λέξεις η ιστορία μου. Το αστείο της υπόθεσης είναι ότι πολύ εύκολα αυτή η δυσοίωνη εξίσωση θα μπορούσε να έχει βγάλει… άλλα αποτελέσματα αν έστω και ένας από τους ιατρούς ή/και λοιπούς λειτουργούς υγείας με είχε ενημερώσει για τους δυνητικούς κινδύνους («πρόληψη») ή είχε φροντίσει να αποκλείσει το τρίτο σκέλος («θρόμβωση») συνιστώντας θρομβοπροφυλακτική αγωγή ή και πολύ απλές και ανώδυνες εξετάσεις (υπερηχογράφημα τρίπλεξ) ή ακόμη απλούστερα το δεύτερο σκέλος της εξίσωσης («ακινησία»), συνιστώντας κάποιας μορφής κινητικότητα. Keep reading →